Fast Feeewd

yuckHave you ever seen a fast food flyer as scary and unappetising as this one (click the picture to see it) ? It looks like the sort of place that would give you a family bucket for use after the meal. You can just imagine the arguments they were having about which of the many varied deep-fat-based delicacies would best represent their establishment

“Pizza is all very well but it doesn’t accurately reflect our full range of culinary expertise! I think we should put the kebabs on the front as well.”
“But what about the burgers ? People like burgers!”
“And the chips!”
“And the fried chicken – don’t forget the fried chicken!”
“And the ice cream for the ladies, don’t forget the ladies”
“Sod it, lets put everything on”

Kebabs, burgers, pizza, chips, fried chicken, fizzy crap drinks, garlic bread, ice cream and oodles of mayo, all bundled together in an huge, emetic, pile. It would have been so much simpler to go outside their “restaurant” at 4am on a Sunday and take a photo of the pavement. I honestly think this flyer could be the cure for obesity in this country – just force all obese people to sit and stare at this for ten hours and they’ll start craving green salads in no time.
If you’ve seen a worse one, send it over to me.

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