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It seems I’m not the only one who was outraged by the recent Government lies. Quite a few people turned up outside downing street yesterday to protest, and to burn the Hutton report. You probably didn’t know about this because a sudden, non-specific “terror” alert was published which dominated the news. I don’t blame people for being worried tho’ – this time there was a suspected link with Al-Quaeda and everything. Could have been spetember 11th all over again and we must be vigilant musn’t we ? Freedom is slavery after all.

I went with Alex and we stood in the rain and shouted a lot. After a walk to some record shops we went to a pub and met up with Zap and Ana. Nice day.

Later on I went in search of a Slapp Happy album, following a recent mini-obsession with them on the basis of hearing 1 track and reading loads of fan sites. Eventually Tower Records provided a double album for £8.99 and so I snapped it up. First CD I’ve bought for years. I thought back to being 15 and going to Groove Records in Greek Street. If someone had told me then, as I walked out with a brand new Steady B album, that in 18 years time I’d be getting just as excited about buying a CD of an early 70s German pop band…I would probably have jumped in front of a bus.

It’s been quite a week for obsessions. Slapp Happy…now almost sated. Then there was my little Java project. Last week I had an idea for a Java Midlet (applet for a mobile phone) that would generate one-time-passwords. So I spent a while writing one..and it works! Almost totally pointless in this day and age but still. Tax return – this has been an obsession for about six months. And this week I submitted it! So I’m in need of something new to be obsessed with – postcards please.

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