Last night was a televisual feast as the BBC hosted one of the most spectacular shows of the year: the relaunch of the Father’s for Justice guerilla protest group live on the National Lottery! Such stirring stuff; watching desperate, disenfranchised people reclaiming their media. The only problem with it was that, despite being on prime-time saturday night TV, it was on the lottery; was anyone watching ? Thoughtfully the BBC were kind enough make the clip available on their news site.

The BBC are in my good books at the moment. A few weeks ago I sent them an email complaining that the aspect ratio on BBC 4 was all to-cock which made watching “The Rock and Roll Years” almost impossible. Not only did they fix the problem while I was writing the email (now that’s service) but I got a call from a lovely woman in their Engineering department the next day apologising! Wow! Look and learn pArcel Force, BT and all you other bastards.

Anyway, as well as the protest it was Eurovision night, and what night it was. Just like the good old days. And what with an almost daily emergence of new European countries, all of which vote for their arch enemies in the name of peace, we can be sure that the UK won’t be winning any time soon; which means we will continue to have Terry Wogan’s essential commentary! Top notch entertainment.

As if the British public could take any more excitement, ITV competed with its own star studded extravaganza: The Princes Trust 30th birthday concert! Set in the grounds of the Tower of London, a massive array of 3rd rate artistes with flagging careers, trudge through their tired old schtick to an audience of uninterested Royalists and, of course, the box of yawning Royals themselves. Let me tell you, there’s no boredom purer than Royal boredom.

Even ITV realised that they’d backed the donkey on this one and so I’m watching the sunday morning repeat. Much better odds when it’s up against the god botherers rather than Eurovision.
Picture © BBC

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