This link will take you to one of the most nausiating websites in existence, and I’m not talking about the Moonfruit Flash aspect of it – although that doesn’t help. It’s “The Official Website of the world’s first mini it girl”. Her name is Jade, and her mother is odious, leather-look, never-was, and one time shag of Jeffrey Archer: Sally Farmiloe (does a lodda good work for charidee, doesn’t like to talk about it). Her website is even more nausiating. Be sure to check the messageboard, sponsors page and “how did you hear about this site” quiz. As for “Loo time” it’s way beyond parody.

Been a nice few days after a messy Friday night. The Union had a valentines day do thing with a Britney Spears “tribute”. Her and her two dancers obviously take it all very seriously, and at 800 quid a night they probably should. We didn’t stay late and so missed the extravaganza but we did see them reherse. Strange, but that sort of turn could well be the real Britney or a computer generated hologram for all the difference it makes. I must have been pissed because I ended up dancing(no not to Brit), with Michele this time.
The next night Michele cooked up a special valentines day meal – STEAK, with oven baked tomatoes, asparagus and some posh salad. Perfect. Sunday was the usual routing – spent the day coding:

  • vejotp got enhanced.
  • www.fatsquirrel.org is now available in gloryless WAP. Haven’t got round to putting these bologs up yet in WAP but I doubt there’ll be many tears shed
  • Designed a nice PHP class to provide my workplace (no longer will I mention its name) with a web based news service. I do like OOP. Although C++ can fuck right off…

Utterly pointless I’m sure you’ll agree, but if I could spend my life engaged in such pointless work, you would never hear me complain. Donations welcome.

In the evening we went over to my mum and dad’s. My dad had done a CD copy of a superb blues compilation and I returned the favour by lending him my slapp happy CD 🙂 My sister was there and was in better spirits which is good. She had some really, really crap photos of her trip to Prague but it looked every bit as beautiful as I remembered. A good night tho’.

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