This quote from BBC News says it all:
“The ill-fated attempt to set up a UK ‘e-university’ was described by the higher education minister as ‘rubbish'”

The only other question is whether The Day Today team will sue for copyright infringement.

A piece of news that bypassed me over the weekend was that Fred Dibnah has died. Only a week after John Peel left us deprived. Both items affected me more that you (and I) would think. The world is poorer for their passing.
On the other hand it does mean there has been, and will be, quite a lot of good telly for a while. John Peel tributes all over the shop and UK TV History showed Dibnah’s 1978 steeplejack documentary again today. They’ll live on.
I would have said that the good die young…but neither of them was spring chickens. Whatever the fuck a spring chicken is…

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