Dying for a Drink

Giving up drinking was easy and of course I could have gone on forever, but I didn’t. In fact it only lasted two weeks. Please don’t scoff. The tipping point was receiving another tax bill for money I haven’t even declared yet; you see, these days HMRC have to be extra vigilant with us middle-class muppets because of the enormous amounts of money they need to give to the high earners who can afford offshore banking. Also, they know that we spineless cowards usually cough up without too much aggro. But, I’ve been very good since. It would seem that black tea has a very similar effect on the palette as red wine. Drinking more tea and less wine leads to less tiredness, which in turn leads to more late night TV. Oddly it seems that these days late night TV is when all the good stuff is scheduled, on Freeview at least. So many good films:

Meanwhile the “prime time” schedules have sunk so low that ITV, rather than come up with something worth watching, have the Saturday night slot filled with a celebrity pantomime where we’re encouraged to get nostalgic about how wonderful TV was thirty years ago… It’s like a pathetic public admission of defeat in a suicide note. Even endless repeats of Rising Damp on ITV3 are preferable to a bunch of third-rate gobshites performing revisionist surgery on third-rate TV programmes from the 70s.

BBC 4 is jolly good though.

Good night.

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