Domestic Consumption

We’ve both been under the weather since we came back to the fatherland and so this week we’ve been curled up at home for the majority of the time. By Friday we were well enough to venture out into the city after work, and so we took Kevin up on his suggestion of going to our favourite fish restaurant. Michele had never been there before, and I was sure she’d love it. From the outside it looks like a fish market and most people, including those who live in South Philly, have no idea that it’s a fully fledged restaurant, consequently we managed to get a table with no reservation and no notice. The menu is unashamedly targeted at fish lovers; there are absolutely no concessions for vegetarians or fish-o-phobes. As usual the food was phenomenal! Michele and I both had the platter with scallops, shrimp [king prawns], garlic mash, flounder with crab meat, fresh broccoli, carrots and garlic mash. Kev opted for scampi pasta [Brits – this is not the scampi you know – see Wikipedia on scampi] and we all shared a starter of fried oysters.
On the way back to Kevin’s we made the compulsory visit to the Mexican bakery, because both Kevin and Michele love their pastries. They really do. In fact, it’s astonishing how much they love that stuff. It’s also not fair that I’m the fatty and I don’t even eat that shit, even though it looks and smells like manna from heaven. Custard croissants….mmmmm…

Anyway, continuing our extravagant weekend of consumerism, we spent Saturday schlepping over to one of the endless, soulless, consumer paradise cum car-parks around here to do some essential shopping.

Despite Michele’s best efforts to break the house into tiny pieces, so far the casualties total a few window frames, a dishwasher (which we replaced using our home insurance), a microwave (which we are about to replace with tuppence ha’penny as that’s all they cost nowadays) and a gas-powered clothes dryer (which isn’t covered by our poxy insurance.)

We lived together happily for 14 years in the UK without a dryer or a dishwasher, but we have become so used to them now that the absence of either one seems catastrophic; this is how capitalism works.

By the holy cock of Christ, I’ve just realised that I’m writing a blog about buying a cheap Bosch hammer drill and a clothes dryer. The drill was cheap, and the dryer we got on interest free credit. That’s it. That’s as exciting as it gets. Is this the world’s most bollocks blog post ? I’m sorry. Really. What’s happening to me ? There is possibly nothing more uninteresting in the world than a clothes dryer…well apart from a hoover I suppose, so why the bloody hell would anyone consider blogging about buying one ? Jesus, this is madness. Sorry again.

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