Day off

As last night was the LRC (language resources centre) christmas drink I booked today off. Fortunate because I had one of the worst nights sleep ever. It was eight hours of unpleasant, scary nightmares. Bizarre, but not really relatable.

Today I got up late and spent the morning with the feathered chaps. Both came out today and they seem to be bonding – they spent a while on top of Humphrey’s cage preening – Tim even lowered his head – a sure sign of submissiveness and an invitation for Humph to preen him…which he didn’t. Meanie.

Michele came back early from teaching because the water was off there and so it gave me an excuse to go out and buy a couple of christmas presents. For dull reasons I went to Eltham, but I bumped into my dad and so we nipped into the the Bankers Draft for a couple of pints of Winter Warmer type stuff. The landlord really looked like he needed some warming up – miserable sod. Even though the place was almost exclusively populated by big fat eltham geeeeezahs it was quite mellow. Oh hold on.. maybe I’m a big fat Eltham geeezah myself ? Damnit!

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