Day off (Hogarth, Heron and Happiness)

Today was the first day for many weeks that I woke up knowing the day was my own and no work would be involved. I’d taken the day as annual leave with the intention of going up to the Hogarth exhibition at the Tate. And that’s what we did! Michele and I got the 436 bus up to Vauxhall and then walked across the bridge, being sure to take a couple of pics of the MI6 building. As we crossed the bridge a bunch of particularly graceful and skillful seagulls performed for us. Even a Heron joined in the fun and allowed us half an hour of ogling it through the little monocular I always carry (present from my mother-in-law). Such a beautiful bird.

The whole Tate experience was wonderful! We had lunch in their expensive but delicious cafe, and then spent two hours looking at the huge collection of Hogarth pictures.

Several hours, a pub visit and a nice pizza later, my brain is buzzing with images and ideas from the exhibition. Thankfully I spent 12 quid on a book that covers a lot of the material we observed and so I don’t have to let the memories fade.

If you can, go and see it! It’s only a tenner and it will keep your dendrites busy for long a while.

Also, have a look and then envy the skill involved in creating something wonderful like this: Nuff respec an ting to Dr Dave!

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