Cold Pride

Excuse me if there are typos in this posting, but my tears of pride may well damage the keyboard. To see such a genuinely spectacular night of pure entertainment as tonight’s Royal Variety Performance is one thing, but the fact that these illustrious stars are gathered together, purely to honour her gracious majesty the Queen, for no money, makes me want to cry.
It’s too much!
And WHAT entertainment! Stars of the small screen, ranging from such diverse programmes as Coronation Street, right up to the grim daytime adverts on ITV2, all gathered together. For Her Maj! Gawd blessem!
Do you know, if it wasn’t for the recent grim ITV2 ads, I wouldn’t have even heard of some of these brilliant performers such as “Bryn Tefal”, “Katherine Jenkinson”, “Andreas Boticelli” and “The Blue headed men who ponce about like a bunch of ponces”. And now, they’re performing at her majesty’s pleasure! Wow!

Anyway, I’ve got a really shitty cold, together with a sinus infection. At least, that what I think it is at the moment. Of course, in the sleepless small-hours when the pain in my sinuses coupled with the gallons of snot up my hooter force me to lie awake worrying, it will once again become anything between an abcess and a tumor.

Tomorrow we’re in the office again. You know, I was hoping that before I left MegaCorp, perhaps I could achieve something, anything, but it was not to be. The only major project I’ve been working on will not be rolled out before the “change freeze”…despite it being “urgent”. So, there’s no chance I’ll be able to see it in place before I leave. Not bad for five months work. This is still high-speed in MegaCorp terms, where it can take months to organise adding a single account to a single system. With all of the various departments trying to offload the responsibility to anyone passing until somone high-up enough says “just fucking sort it out” when it will get done immediately…well…within a week anyway.

Anyway, while I was typing this I missed the comic genius of Joe “squeeky-voiced” Pasquale, Catherine “Do I look like a fuckin’ liberty” Tate, “Guys and Birds”. If I don’t stop then I’ll miss David Grey, Cannon and Ball, The Chinese state Circus , Il G4, and Cliff Richard…probly.

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