Christmas and that

Our little Humph used to really relax herself whenever we played Air. It would appear that “wor Leo” reacts in the same way. I wish he and Humph could have met – they would have loved each other.

We’ve had a week or so of Christmassyness and it’s feeling good! And that doesn’t even include the excitement we both feel about going back to London in two days time! How did that happen ?

Last Friday was our staff “do” [Americans: “do” means a party sort of thing] and it was most amusing. We went to a huge bowling place at 11am, that had a working bar. Nuff said. A couple of hours later we went to a bonkers Italian Family Theme Restaurant and got arseholed whilst talking bollocks and eating some vaguely Italian food. That’s a good day, especially when the company picked up the tab. So much better than my experience last year when I worked for Shiti.

We’re both really excited about coming back to London, but Michele may be even more excited than I: she hasn’t been back for over a year.

Arses – there were loads of things of axis-shifting proportions that I wanted to rant about. Be thankful for my crap memory.

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