Choose Lewisham you bastards

Choose LewishamNow don’t say I didn’t tell you to Choose Lewisham. And what did you do ? You didn’t Choose Lewisham did you ? No!

As a result of your negligence the poor bosses have had to make sacrifices. Yes, sacrifices! Wonderful, hard-working people like Claire Perry, the Chief Executive of Lewisham Hospital Trust, have had to personally sacrifice 68 of their staff as a result of your indifference. In her own words Claire Perry spells out the simple truth:

“The more people who choose to come to Lewisham, the more income we will get and the better our finances will be.”

It’s that simple. So go out and fucking choose Lewisham will you? I did, even though I wasn’t given a choice, so you can too. If you don’t then they’ll sack even more staff.

Perhaps even more shocking than the 68 staff they sacked are two of the senior bosses who are also about to lose their jobs. These particular people, Vivien Rhodes and Barry Etherton, are far more important than any of the 68 others; you can tell because they both earn around £90,000 which means they must be extremely skilled and talented. They also have further to fall than a bunch of common-or-garden nurses and cleaners so it’ll be harder for them. Thankfully the hospital has wisely decided to bung them £100,000 to cushion the harsh blow. Oh…and they’ll be taking them back on in a consultancy role. Even though the Trust is in financial shite, I confidently expect canny financial management like this will help them save the day.

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