Certificate of Wrongness

Being an opinionated, arrogant, arse who works with a bunch of opinionated, arrogant, arses, I spend a great many hours engaged in heated debates. These arguments usually end in deadlock but occasionally they become a farcical circus where one of us realises they were wrong but pursues their argument in the hope of finding some truth in order to save face (usually by changing the argument or invoking some form of logical fallacy). For the purposes of catharsis and the lulz, the common reaction by the others is to demand an acknowledgement that wrongness has occurred: insisting they use the words “I was wrong”.
Pondering this, I wondered whether it should be put in writing for posterity in a kind of “Declaration of Wrongness”, that can be pulled out and waved at the victim in future debates; again this would be both cathartic and generate lulz.
Two colleagues (both geniuses) went further and created a legally binding, and utterly brilliant Certificate of Wrongness!
Download it, save it, and use it for righteousness.

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