Picture of Rakesh in front of that truckIt would be dreadful if you started to think I had anything but contempt for advertising, but there is something about this Toyota ad that cheers me up. Also, and I may be wrong about this, wasn’t that the same truck Top Gear repeatedly tried and failed to destroy ? Even after being dropped off a building, into the sea, crushed, smashed and set on fire, it still started up [picture courtesy of Rakesh].

Despite the fact that last night was a brazen pissup, I remained relatively sober. The pictures pretty much say everything that can be said.

Nice day today too. OK it was another day on the dreaded sofa with the evil ibook writing Java, but:

  • a cup of tea, a banana and a plate of cockles for breakfast
  • watching a bit (enough) of Airport 1975
  • watching Brewsters Millions
  • watching Jeeves and Wooster with Michele

made the day seem like a good one. The anti-TV middle-classes may sneer, but they don’t know what joys they are missing. And while I watched them, my Java started generating better XML and Humphrey craved attention on the keyboard…

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