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Trying to face a weekend without IP was enough to keep me awake last night. As soon as I surfaced I got on to 151. Their automated service let me know that the problem we still had, had been resolved, so I phoned back. BTW – don’t bother with their convenient “call back” service – it sucks and is still slower than waiting on hold (hey it’s an 0800).

When I initially reported the fault, I cried down the phone and told the poor sod about how I was likely to commit suicide and take some people with me. Evidently he made a note on my record because when I called again, the woman I spoke to treated me like she was working for the samaritans. She even told me that “If I could personally climb telephone poles I would – I’m so sorry”. Not only that, but within 20 minutes we had an engineer here! On a saturday! The poor bastard ended up spending 2 hours tracing our line from the hole in the wall right back to the exchange using his little osc/amp setup. Every manhole inbetween had to be taken up and it turned out to be down to the engineer who installed the line in the first place…who forgot to tell the exchange that he’d re-routed the line to another pair…nice bloke, but what a twat.
However, I have to say that getting everything back in order within 2 hours of making a call really does make me feel better about the UK and really makes me want to give “Helen” in cutomer services a great big passionate kiss. Thanks Helen.

Once the saviour had got us all back up, Michele and I went to Moonbow Jakes in Brockley to see Alex…who is about to go to Mexico for ever and ever…I have to say that it was one of the best afternoons I’ve had for years. We got to meet lots of people who all turned out to be really sound, lovely people. Been a while since I met anyone who I really liked, and today there were fucking millions of them! Nice one Alex – we’re all going to miss you.

We got home, appreciated Humph, ordered a curry and then watched Abigail’s Party (as a result of an earlier conversation). What a piece of brilliance that play is. It gets more difficult to watch each time and yet every actor becomes more accurate. It brought back old memories – Stacey and Ash – please get in touch – I miss you both.

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