Blue Tuesday

Well, Leo, the SMTP server is back up. In reality, if I’d followed my instincts rather than go along with Dell’s (admittedly excellent) tech support, it would have been back up on friday…ho hum.
Today, a few of us tested wireless access to the Student’s Union. It was good enough for me to spend a while working on the mail server with negligible problems. The best thing about working up there, apart from the food and drink, is that I can’t hear the office phone ringing with queries that are either not important enough for a call, or down to plain stupidity. I actually managed to get a lot done there. By 6pm Leo was back up and seemed to be working ok. It was probably ready way before that (about 3pm) but I wanted to test the wotsit out of it before putting it live. Good boy Leo 🙂
Tomorrow I have the pleasure of going to Brum for a meeting of a few people who are are attempting to improve educational teaching in the UK and at the same time benefit the open-source community. As those who know me can imagine: I dig that.

C yall.

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