Big Jobs in New York

Sometimes it’s best to employ a considerable level of discretion when blogging, but to be quite frank I can’t be arsed at the moment.

Our trip to New York was fun. Being the adventurous, carefree, tight-arsed pair we are, we eschewed the fast and efficient Amtrak service to New York in favour of the cheaper, slower, less glitzy, “New Jersey Transit” equivalent. In fairness, it’s a good service. But it’s a bit like a local bus route that goes from Lewisham way to central Birmingham, stopping at every stop on the way. We were even lucky enough to have our geek vibes tickled by getting on an experimental double decker train. Why don’t they have these everywhere ? My dad told me that they had a few in England at one time but they vanished. Pity, they worked well, packed loads of people in without discomfort, and I can categorically state that their khazis were somewhere between viable and pleasurable, even for bowel movements! Take note Network Rail.

After the 5 hour journey, our hotel felt like the Ritz. Ok, they didn’t have a dining room, or a bar, and the room was too hot, but it was very comfy and had all the mod cons. But then for $500 a night it fucking well should. Luckily the company I was interviewing with had agreed to foot the bill – a fact that, if we’d used our brains, may have altered the decision to plump for NJ Transit. We spent the night wandering around a nearby olde worlde touriste trappe and had our tea in a suitably cosy looking bistro. We also visited a bar with hundreds of bras suspended from the ceiling, accompanied by drunken scrawlings purporting to be from the former occupants.

Anyway the job interview was enjoyable if nothing else. I had to leave the hotel an hour beforehand and so ended up spending my pre-interview worry-time in a nearby cafe consuming strong coffee. This is, of course, an idea so bad that it warrants no further discussion. When the time came, I flew down to their glamorous looking Wall Street office and went in. Four hours later, after meeting some really nice people and generally being geeky I wandered out utterly exhausted. I’ve no idea how well it went, but it was a good experience and I enjoyed meeting the people there. I don’t hold out a lot of hope unfortunately because there are other candidates being interviewed, all of whom are supposedly excellent.

Thankfully I have other irons in the fire and some other interesting looking propositions so I’m not too worried. In fact a great, life affirming, thing has happened: I’ve met a recruiter who isn’t crap. In fact, she seems really excellent. She’s sorted me out with an interview next week – things are already moving slowly but the impending “Thanksgiving” appears to be grinding things to a near halt. This will be my first thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to it. It seems to be what Christmas is supposed to be about, but without the presents, the Wizzard, and the shops filled with tat. You basically meet up with your family and spend the day enjoying the food, the drink and each others company. Now that sounds good doesn’t it ? In the UK we get a raw deal because that concept is supposed to share the day with the consumerfest of Christmas and the two don’t mix well.

Michele’s mum (mom), Helen, has bravely offered to host the festivities here, which involves an 11-strong table. If it were me, I’d have had a heart attack by now, but she seems disturbingly relaxed.

Tonight has been superb so far. We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant called “Adobe” which is shockingly good. Not only do they serve food that tastes like the stuff we bought in Mexico, but they do a deal for two people that includes a bottle of wine and two main courses for $30. OK, admittedly the red wine isn’t very authentic – it’s easier to buy a gun in Mexico city than a bottle of red wine, but hey, this is tex-mex. And once the state stores are shut in PA guns are probably easier to come by. Now I’m sitting in the kitchen, listening to Sonny Terry and the sound of Ralph putting up a cupboard, while I sip red wine, tap away at this machine, and have my feet warmed by this heated kitchen floor. Nice things.

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