Bed Fascism

Do you know someone who is a “bed nazi” ? Someone who has dispensed with etiquette, duvet sharing and altruism in the bed in favour of total bed domination ? Michele and I have many discussions about which one of us is the biggest bed fascist, and in the course of these debates we have attempted to list all of the biggest bed nazis in the history of the world:

  • Bedolph Hitler (author of “Mein Bed”)
  • Bedito Mussameanie
  • Papa Doc Duvet
  • Beddam Hussein
  • General Pillowchet
  • Robert Mugabed

If we’ve missed any then please let me know. Occasionally acts of duvet terrorism occur resulting in zero coverage or worse. Some of the worst duvet terrorists include:

  • Abu Bedza
  • Ossama Bed Laden
  • The Talibed

Do you know any more ?

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