An Ap[pf]eel

On Sunday afternoon ITV were showing the original Ocean’s Eleven. Neither Michele nor I were particularly interested and continued our net scraping activities until a character in the film, singing in some sort of casino/nightclub with a heavy Brooklyn accent, sang a lyric that astounded us. We simultaneously sat bolt upright, looked at each other, and asked in unison:

“Did he just say ‘I’m going to feel my cock’ ?”

In fact Michele heard it as “peel” but that’s too scary to contemplate. We’ve been giggling ever since but neither of us is any the wiser to the real lyrics; maybe he really was so excited about the prospect that he needed to sing it out of his system. Michele’s reaction was “alright mate, no need to sing about it!”

If you know what he was really singing about then please let us know.

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