American Coup

Back in the U.K. Great wedding, enjoyable time and I’m not at all happy to be back (despite getting to see my parents and Humph).

I had heard that the U.S. TV networks were not covering the Iraq situation ine the same way as Britain, and the rest of the world. Well, not having seen Fox, I don’t know. But what I do know is that ABC, in Philadelphia at least, is putting serious airtime into the issue. As is the UK. In Philly, we watched stories of the troops, whom Bush and his cronies claim to support, getting treated like scum by the current administration. The “shillings” they accepted, which are actually in the region of thousands of dollars, are being requested back by the government in they return injured! One guy was living out of his car!
This surprises me, because the Republicans surely know the importance of keeping the Army sweet. I can only guess that the situation in Iraq is so fucked up, that they are in serious trouble…and they are. You don’t piss off the Army, especially when you are relying on them for supporting your message. And this is what Bush is doing. Careful, Georgie!
While this is going on, how is Britain reacting ? Are they taking the opportunity of pulling out, saving more innocent lives, saving money, defending the military and appearing strong through independence ?
Or are they rolling over on their backs and asking Bush and Cheney to tickle their bollocks?
Careful, Geoff!
Tone doesn’t have to be careful, because he has distanced himself from the decision to send more AK fodder into Iraq, as he did with the fox hunting ban , fuel increses and the London mayor (when Ken was out of favour). Geoff Hoon could soon well find himself in the crocodile pit under the Blair desk, struggling to stay above water alongside Frank Dobson.

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