A very peculiar practice

Downloading classic 80’s TV series is really rather cool.

A Very Peculiar Practice was a satirical TV series based around a University medical practice. Reassuringly nothing in the University sector seems to have changed that much since then so it’s still very aposite for today’s Universities. Things I was appalled at when I worked for Goldsmiths were going on 20 years ago and, presumably because all of the managers are still just as crap, nothing has changed.

The second series of AVPP was only ever shown once and I missed it. It’s been a great irritation in my adult life that I never got to see it, especially as the Beeb clearly deemed it unnecessary to release. So now that it’s available from the good people at uknova I’m very happy! I’ve also discovered why the Beeb didn’t release it: it’s crap.

Work has been stupidly busy recently and we’ve been working round the clock. Yesterday I got up at 4am and had an emotional rollercoaster of a day, partly because of the tiredness admittedly.

Easter came and went without a lot of fuss. Frances, Michele and I went to The Tarn on Easter sunday which was beautiful. A nice long walk, and we got to see parakeets, one-day old baby ducks (which felt very easter) and the lovely little hut, that I used to play in when I was a kid, burnt to cinders…

Meanwhile, my friend Mira was exploring the Essex Way which, it turns out, is a walkway rather than a lifestyle choice.

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