A Scanner Darkly

Last night Tony, Zap and I went to see A Scanner Darkly at the New Jersey theme park that is the Greenwich peninsula. The whole evening is as close to perfect as I could imagine – got there on time, had a nice glass of wine, managed to get free tickets from the lovely Mark, saw an excellent film then went to a great pub. Years ago, Alex gave me a copy of the book and I can’t tell you how much I loved it. Perhaps because I was concerned about the film ruining it, my expectations were mixed, but it was superb; I’m still buzzing when I think about it. Visually mind-blowing, great acting (especially Robert Downey Jr) and true to the book. It’s well worth seeing in a cinema by the way – and you won’t have to worry about the related distractions like kids and shouting, because all of the dickheads will be in the theatre next door watching Snakes on a Plane.
First time in the Vanbrugh Tavern too. Their award-winning garden deserves to win an award.

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