The blinkin’ RAF always steals the fun

Another list, sorry. Unless it’s blogged at the time, things just build up.

  • The Lion Has Wings
    which is a 1939 propaganda film from Alexander Korder. It’s worth watching just for the opening montage of Britishness, and how wonderful Britain was at the time. There were pictures of churches, cricket matches, sheep grazing, and vicars riding bicycles; a lot like one of John Major’s utterly bizarre speeches from his unlikely period in high office. However, when the voice-over described all of the wonderful things about Britain in 1939, it was essentially a list of Socialist ideals:

    • Safe and clean public housing and schools
    • Healthcare reform
    • Allowing the average person to become fitter and healthier
    • Creating safer workplaces
    • Paid holidays

    Every one of these things was a direct result of the Labour Movement.

  • Happy 60th Birthday to Ralph!
  • We borrowed some children to help legitimise our sojourn to see
    in 3D. It was brilliant in case you were wondering.
  • You know you’re in the 21st century when it’s more difficult to string up a mirror than it is to set-up
    live web stream
    of your parrots, so you can watch them from the other room.

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