Punishing the law-abiding

Here’s a piece of fiction for you.
A guy spends a few years of his life illegally downloading music and films because he thinks the copyright restrictions are wrong, and that money spent is wasted on bullshit rather than given to the artist.
Despite the illegality, he does ok. In fact, the only legal DVD’s and CD’s he owns do quite badly in his new home: on a different continent to that on which he purchased the material. Meanwhile, all of the illegal DVD copies and music rips work perfectly. What is this person supposed to think about this predicament ?

Imagine that one day, in a spot of consumer frenzy, he decided to buy a DVD movie because, despite the fact it was massively over-priced at 20 bucks, he wanted to watch it that day and fancied trying legality for a while. This guy must surely have enjoyed the experience of 100% legit media and the high quality that he was entitled to by buying the genuine(tm) media(tm). Especially compared to the poor quality cinema caps and dodgy xvid media he was used to!
Well, then stretch your imagination further and try to picture how the guy felt when his new DVD would not play on any of his legitimate DVD playing equipment. Image how he felt when he discovered that the legitimately purchased DVD would only play using open-source software on one of his computers – not entirely convenient for a saturday night movie.
Let me tell you, this fictional guy was going to take the DVD back to the shop (after ripping it), to get his money back. But it turned out that he enjoyed it so much he decided to keep it. This is probably the last time this guy will ever try to stay legal: he has now realised that anyone trying to stay legal gets abused by the law because the law realises he must be irredeemably gullible.

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