Iraq’s a very serious question, fox hunting isn’t.

Classic 8:10 interview with 2Jags on the Today programme.
Humphreys was asking about the new raft of draconian laws that the Government are trying
to enforce, on U.S. advice no doubt, in the name of protecting the public. After the usual inarticulate blather from 2Jags, Humphreys asked if changing our foreign policy might be more efficacious in preventing terrorism, and mentioned Iraq. 2Jags immediately started making his funny noises and said:

Why is it you just solely keep Iraq [sic]? I do understand, it’s the obsession of the programme…

At the end of the interview, Humphreys switched the topic to fox-hunting, at which point 2Jags lost the plot and started making more strange noises and disdainful comments. And then a corker:

2Jags: Iraq’s a very serious question, fox hunting isn’t.
JH: [audibly gobsmacked]Oh isn’t it ?
2Jags: Naaaw.
JH: Really?
2Jags: Naaaaw.
JH: So why have we had all this fuss then ?
2Jags: You must people [sic] get obsessed with it.
JH: Including your Prime Minister ?
2Jags: How many people are really concerned with fox hunting – very few!

So there you have it. No-one cares about fox hunting, and Iraq is very important.
I never thought I’d ever be behind the Countryside Alliance, but I really hope they go for it this time.

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