Today I was implicitly accused of adopting a fashionable point of view on a matter of international importance: Michael Jackson; that he wasn’t a genius, and was in fact, at best, “meh”. Judging by the superlatives being used about him on the mainstream media since he cocked-his-little-legs-up I’d say my point of view wasn’t very fashionable at all. Not only that, but I’m quite serious! I’ve never thought his music was anything but well marketed blandness. OK, he could dance quite well, he could sing in tune, and he wrote a couple of tunes…but that’s even true of Peter Andre, and I can’t imagine anyone ever trying to claim he was a “genius”.
Around the time his first truly embarrassing album (“BAD”) was due to be released I was irritated that LL Cool J’s new album of the same name was being eclipsed. I was 16… but I still meant it. The idea of this ludicrous prancing ponce, who was determined to make himself look white and camp, being anywhere near as cool as LL Cool J seemed utterly pathetic to me at the time…still does in fact.

But Jacko isn’t the only thing that is making me feel marginalised at the moment. One other, less important (if you go by the column inches in the press), issue is the sudden solidarity that we now have for the poor innocent people of Iran, who have had their democracy ruptured by a fixed election. Suddenly teh Internets are full of pictures of stern-faced westerners trying to look dreadfully earnest and serious as they wear green clothes, bracelets and all sorts of other verdant poncery to show “solidarity” with the opressed people of Iran…who have been cheated out of democracy by a fraudulent election.

Green was a brilliant piece of marketing on behalf of Mousavi. It’s a colour with little partisan baggage (unlike red, blue or even yellow) and it has echoes of environmental responsibility too. We all like that. Everyone is greening out their website – even FARK has a green band.

And everyone seems to be ignoring the main problem that IRAN IS A THEOCRACY! The president is irrelevant! The unelected god-botherers are running the show. You can’t talk about rigged elections when you believe everything is God’s will.

And who is Mousavi ? What does he stand for ? Do you care ? He’s not Ahmadinejad is all we know, and that’s obviously a good thing as Ahmadinejad is clearly a lunatic. But what does Mousavi think ? Does he support the Jewish people ? Does he believe in dismantling the Iranian Theocracy in favour of real democracy ? Does he bollocks! If he did he’d never be allowed to stand.

Stop wearing green you fucktards! Iran has bigger problems than one beardy nutjob being cheated by another beardy nutjob. At the end of the day it’s the beardy nutjobs running the show from the top who really need to be defeated. Is that going to happen in Iran ? No! Should the west get involved and help it ? No! At least not unless there was a serious anti-theocracy movement there – until then you’re effectively trying to promote another shah.

Now China, that’s a different matter.

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