Monthly Archives: November 2003

Recent History

Michele was teaching until 8 tonight so I’ve been at home with Humph. Tonight we shared another tender moment: he climbed up on the sofa, onto my lap, and fell asleep while I watched only fools and horses. Lovely. Eventually he had a small crap and then flew over to his cage. There is no other species on the planet that could worry me less by crapping on my jeans. Poor little sod was on his own all day.

Last weekend was surprsingly enjoyable. Ian and Dave were off work on friday whilst Rakesh and Dan had to leave early so there was no after-work drink for the first friday in years. Saturday and Sunday daytimes were spent doing computer work during the day and socialising in the evening. Saturday night I met Toby, Matt B and his mate Andy in Jordans (The Hogshead as was (The Jolly Farmers as was)). Even though we only managed about 20 minutes of violent disagreement, it was a great night. Michele had the belly ache and so we left early and walked back. Michele was hungry by this time and so we picked up a Hummous kebab and ate as we walked back over Hilly Fields. It reminded us both of when Michele was working at the pub and living in BATavia mews halls. We’d frequently end up getting a couple of Humous kebabs, and eating them on the steps of the halls, near a discarded plastic helment which was affectionately known as the humous helmet…
The next day Toby and Petra came round to meet Humph. Humph liked Petra and kept flirting…TARTY little parrott. She was very gentle and calm, which he liked.

Monday night was equally enjoyable because I met up with Andy whom I haven’t seen for months. I’m so crap at keeping in touch with people. Monday was a shit day workwise and so it was the perfect tonic. We both ranted about work in general and enjoyed the company and cheap beer – have I ever blogged about what an excellent place the Glasshouse Stores is in Soho ?

Tuesday consisted of an awayday with Geoff to a company in Basildon where an old contact of ours, Richard Horney (yes yes yes….but he’s a good bloke and knows his stuff – ok?) sold us some storage.
Odd place Basildon. Id always imagined it as a beautiful georgean village when it turns out to be a nasty essex shitpit. On the way back two classic looking Essex girls got on the train and, once Geoff had alighted, I got to listen to their conversation – nosey git that I am. It turns out they were “models” on some dodgy websites. I heard them talking about “members areas” (not necessarily as rude as it sounds).

Remember, Remember to burn a Catholic

Tonight is “Guy Fawkes” night or as it should be known, “Catholic Burning Night”. This is where we celebrate the foiling of a catholic plot to destroy parliament and the king by burning effigies of guy fawkes, or if you live in Lewis, the pope.

Of course, in this day and age no-one takes it quite so seriously and all religions, beliefs and creeds are invited to join in the fun. It’s now simply an excuse for three fun-filled weeks of deafening bangs and screams as children throw explosives at each other. If you really want to burn an effigy then why not have a Burning Bush?

Yet again, Michele and I blew out a couple of promising parties in order to spend the night in with Humph. Halloween was enjoyable nonetheless because, despite trashing our beautiful pumpkin the night before, we got quite a few trick-or-treaters. The kids are really, really into it. They turn up in bunches with parents in tow and when you answer the door they jump out and make scary noises, barely able to contain their excitement. Michele had thoughtfully bought some Milky-bars and chewing gum which we both thought would make excellent “treats”. Michele was looking out of the window while I answered the door so that she could see the costumes. As one set of ghoulies departed she heard a mother repremand one of the witches saying “Be thankful for what you got. You should be grateful you got anything a all”. What do these kids expect ? A full-size chocolate broomstick each ? Perhaps a 6 ft plastic zombie full of Sunny D ? Ungrateful gits – I wish I’d eaten all the milky bars myself now.

An aside…I’m watching TOTP2 and some bland looking, bland voiced bland singer called “Mindy” is doing a bland version of “Jolene”. Why ? Leave it alone. Jolene is a superb song and really doesn’t need fucking up by some generic ponce. Dolly Parton is featured in the video and looks great..albeit with heavy video enhancements. A better singer, better looking and with some soul. See the difference ? She sings from the heart. Mindy sings from nose.

More later…