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unshc for ARM

Recover a script 'compiled' with the dreadful tool "shc" on ARM. This is my version of but for ARM binaries.
If you or anyone you know has been tempted to use shc for any purpose whatsoever, please seek help from your local psychiatrist or cryptologist.
Source and download link.

Cloud-to-Arse Plus

Chrome extension that replaces occurrences of 'the cloud' with 'my arse', and other amusing arse-related substitutions. This is a fork of "Cloud to Butt Plus" aimed at a British audience.
Source and download link.


Dosage. My first, and probably only, Chrome app. It's aimed solely at mathematically challenged wildlife rehabbers so I imagine it'll be a top download.


A stack for your head.

iPhone DTMF Decoder

Turns your iPhone into a simple DTMF decoder. Simply hold the iPhone's microphone near to a source of DTMF tones (telephone "Touch Tones") and it will display the numbers being dialled.

iPhone DTMF Decoder


A Middle-manager emulator for the Linux Kernel. An idea so crap, it can only have come from middle management. /dev/bollocks generates management bullshit whenever you need it.

It's implemented as a Linux device driver (for Linux 2.4.x) , and consequently bloats your kernel totally unnecessarily - just like a real middle manager. A program that is so obviously something that should exist in userland, in the kernel. We have yet to find a way to make the program wear a suit, but this feature should be in the next release.

More info and download


A WordPress plugin and Facebook application for describing the state of your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale.
Get Ploppy


Ange asked:

"Do you think there's any market for a computer program that just sits there and occasionally compliments you ?"

So, we bring you: kimibhut

Google PageRank browser button

Someone very clever reverse-engineered the Google toolbar enough to work out how to generate the checksum needed to get a pagerank. In a nutshell, drag the following link into your browser button bar, and click the button whenever you are on a page for which you want to find the Google Page Rank:
PageRank Button

Squirrelmail IMSP address book plugin

A quick and very dirty Squirrelmail addressbook plugin for IMSP. It was knocked up in a hurry but it went into active service for years so it appears to work ok (with the cyrus imspd anyway).

Download the tarball.


VMAP is a graphical tool for creating and maintaining ePortfolios. It was created as part of the JISC distributed eTools programme and started life as a fork of the excellent Freemind mind mapping tool.

I was the initial developer but I'm no longer involved, however the development continues. It runs on the Java platform so you can run it now!


VeJOTP is a Java midlet that generates RFC2289 (S/Key style) One Time Passwords. As it can run on very basic j2me implementations, eg the types commonly found in mobile phones, it can be carried around in your pocket! It has been tested on Palm, various MIDP 1.0 emulators and a bunch of phones, so I'm reasonably confident it works.
More info and download

Oliver (formerly WebShare)

A simple, yet powerful, web based front-end to FTP that can be used to provide a secure file management system.
More info and download


vkl is a simple winblows 98 keylogger that listens on TCP port 6161. Netcat or telnet to 6161 to see all keystroke/window information.

vkl installs itself in the system directory and automatically launches on each login.

You are not permitted to use this tool for antisocial purposes

Download vkl


A free, open-source tone generator for Linux capable of producing DTMF, C5 (blue box) and any other MF tones.

Full details and code at

You might also be interested in looking at a very old bluebox I wrote for the BBC Micro many, many years ago,


A free, open-source WAP library for use by WAP developers. Details at

Radiusd GDBM patch

A patch I wrote for the Ascend radiusd.dbm that makes it use GDBM rather than the old dbm stuff.

If you use radiusd.dbm then you should have a good look through your logs. We discovered a lot of failed logins resulting in an error claiming that the users file couldnt be found. This is due to the tragic way that dbm applies locks.

We've been running it here in production for a few weeks with no problem. I'd appreciate some feedback from other sites. There's a README and a small patch.

update for 980618

From: Kev <>
Subject: Radius Daemon Patch.


Patch works a dream. The same patch can be applied to the radius-980618
version if you specify all the filenames 

I figured that was a pain in the arse, and so remade the patch for that
(the latest) version.

Have attached the patch file, so you can put it up on your web site with
the other one if you so desire.

I'm also working on an RPM including the patch I've attached, including
all the necessary stuff to make the daemon work nicely under Linux. If
you want to put that up there too, I can send it to you when I'm done. 



Kev's patch is here. I haven't personally tested it. Looking forward to the rpms - no idea why Ascend havent sorted this out yet...

scanlogd for libpcap

Solar Designer's excellent tool for detecting port scans, now hacked into supporting libpcap - the OS independent packet capture library. This means you can compile it on platforms other than Linux, including Solaris and *BSD.libpcap is cool - please use it...

Just a tarball. Untar, edit the Makefile and type 'make'.

upserial - DNS zone file tool

This perl script will parse and clean a BIND style DNS zone file, updating the serial number. Just run it as:

upserial <zonefilename>

This is useful if you have to deal with a lot of zone files and dont want to have to think too hard. I'd test it on a couple of sacrificial goats first if I were you - it doesnt deal with all RR types but for the most part you should be fine.


An alternative to Winpopup (winpop) for Windows 95/98/NT. Its something I started working on a while back but IIRC its actually in working order. For those who don't know, this sits on your system tray and will allow you to send and receive small messages. It ideal for office chit/chat, sending URLs to people etc when e-mail is overkill. It also allows the sending of a message to groups of users in one go. The main differences between vegpop and winpop are:

Download the server. This compiles out of the box on Linux/*BSD. It's very simple so it could also run on any other UNIX you like. Not too much hacking would be required to allow it to run on NT, but why would you want to do something stupid like that ?

Download the vegpop program.

If anyone expresses any interest in this then I'll happily do more work on it. I gave up originally because no-one appeared to be in the slightest bit interested.


A free generic Boss Key for Windows 95/98/2000/XP and up

ALT-TAB is all very well, but you better be sure your next window in the tab-order is bigger and more innocent than the one you're currently looking at when your boss/mother/wife/boyfriend walks in.

The answer is to have a "bosskey", a hot-key that displays a reliably innocent screen as soon as it is pressed. Run this executable and it will sit on your system tray. Whenever you hit ALT-F1, it will display a previously captured screen shot thus saving potential embarrasment.

To capture a screen shot, right click the shirt-and tie icon on the systray and choose "grab screen". Arrange your screen to make you look like the worlds most hardworking saint and hit ALT-F1 - the screen shot will be captured.


WinPub - Windows Messaging for Lunchtime Drinkers

WinPub Is the solution for companies with staff who have difficulty arranging their lunchtime drinking venue/time.

Just pick a pub from the pull-down menu, pick a time, add an optional comment and WinPub will broadcast your decision to all of your workmates.

Various DrOS/Winblows Apps

A bunch of assorted junk from the archives.