Assorted DrOS/Winblows Software from Veghead

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Disclaimer - all of the code here is shit, despite frequently working ok. It represents me going from a ropey spectrum programmer to a ropey C programmer. I cringe when I look back at this code so don't laugh. Page 1 of every C book should be on indentation.

dump.exe (1988)

dump.exe a simple file hex-dumper. It sort of works ok. (1992/3) Source and binary for a DOS keystroke capturer that managed to get me into 2600. Doesnt work in win32 because my assembly is so shite. You need showscan.exe to dump out the keystrokes.

krad (1995)

krad.exe takes an ascii file and 1337s it. The source is here but its very embarrasing. This is pure exam-revision-avoidance.

more (1995) and more.exe are versions off the 'more' program. These ones behave more like UNIX more by allowing a filename on the command line. Yes - these two were exam-revision-avoidance. (1992) is a little conferencing program that uses some unreliable broadcast aspects of NetBIOS. Used to work well on RM-Nimbus LANS (apart from the bugs that is). Ahhh Nimbus networks. My first introduction to network hacking. How fondly I remember those lovely blue login screens. netcon.pas is the source.

nih.exe (1995)

nih.exe is a small dos anti-virus tool. It detects anything that attempts to hook the Dos-tunnel that 'Dark Avenger' used frequently.

tnt.exe (1994)

tnt.exe is the TelNet Tapper. Its basically a DOS packet sniffer that is intended to deconstruct Telnet sessions. It is DIABOLICAL code but used to work a treat. The users keystrokes appeared in a little box at the top of the screen, whilst the rest of the session was just sent directly to the screen. Sounds bad ? It is, but as I say it used to work. The source is here, but I'd be amazed if you get it to compile tho'.

Assorted Screensavers (1995-2000) contains a bunch of screensavers. Some are Win16, some Win32. Some written in VB, some in C (not C++ ARRRGH). Michele and I wrote them for various people at various times. The first one was 'the bat', a bat which sleeps at the top of the screen and snores. Occasionally he'll fly off and around. His name is Ralph.

Rainsave (1995)

rainsave.exe. More revision avoidance. This time a DOS screen saver...sort of. Makes the text on the screen cycle in nice crap.

runnah.exe (2001)

runnah.exe is a Win32 C one-liner that makes creating autorun CDRs a lot more simple. If you use runnah.exe in your autorun.inf it runs the line via the shell parser so that you can do things like launch the default browser by pointing to an html file, or Word by pointing to a .doc file. Why this wasn't the default is anyones guess.
[For the dopes - it runs on Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP etc]
Put runnah.exe on the cd and have an autorun.inf file that looks like this:
open=runnah.exe "index.htm"
The CD will then launch the default browser with index.htm when the CD autoruns.
pktdrvr.bak pktdrvr.c pktdrvr.h plonk.pas pluck.pas showscan.exe strip.exe tntap.c vnih.exe which.exe
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