kimibhut sits on your system tray:

And occasionally pops-up a compliment,

or an insult,

depending on your settings. Whether you're feeling unloved or like you want to beat yourself up, kimibhut makes your working day a little more bearable.

Downloading and installing

So easy - just click the smiley face and follow the prompts!
Download Link
Warning! Contains rude words including 'fuck' and 'twat'

Once you've downloaded and run kimibhut (again by clicking on the smiley face) you can change the settings by right-clicking on the smiley face on the system tray (the bottom right of the screen, on the task bar). It's free, and contains no-spyware or any other junk. Obviously you shouldn't take my word for that so make sure you're running some decent Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software at all times, especially if you download and run stuff fom the Internet. Alternatively, ditch Windows and move to something better.

At the moment, this only runs on Windows, but if there's enough interest I'll do a MacOS-X and a Linux port.

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