formerly Webshare
by Veghead
A simple web based FTP front-end

Download the latest release (v1.0.0) here: oliver-latest.tgz


Oliver (formerly Webshare) is a free, web based FTP front-end, written in PHP and released under the GPL. It is intended to allow people to access files, normally only available via FTP, using a web browser. This effectively provides users with a complete web-based file management system that, if SSL is enabled on your web server, uses a single secure connection - making it far simpler to use and to work through a firewall. Despite the existence of many similar projects, notably Gollem, it was created to fulfill specific requirements:

  • Small and Simple
    This isn't trying to compete with powerful systems like Gollem. It is really only intended to be a functional skeleton for end-users to use and customize. The code should be well commented and easy to understand.
  • Javascript optional
    There are bits of javascript here, but they're all optional. A lot of effort has gone into avoiding javascript here - I can't help wondering if it was worth it ?
  • Fast
    Speed is essential and considered more important than features. This is supposed to be usable. If you want bells and whistles you're probably in the wrong place.
  • Secure as possible
    Don't laugh! OK the very essence of this concept is insecure, however it should be as secure as possible in the circumstances. Using Oliver instead of FTP should improve the security of your file store.


Oliver is still a fair way from achieving these goals at present but nonetheless it is usable and functional. Check the screenshots for an example of what to expect.
Oliver was originally based on FCG FTP CLIENT By Tiago Luz and Gollem, however nearly all of the FCG code has been replaced.

Please send bug-reports, patches, feature requests and bottles of red wine to veghead


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