A not very in-depth look at a not very interesting person

I was born and raised a South-East Londoner without even being asked and had to put up with it. After dropping out of a Computer Science degree, and a teaching degree, I ended up doing Psychology and wondering why. Luckily it gives me some credibility when I slag off psychology, psychometrics and psychologists, so it's not all bad. In fact, it's tempting to do a Theology degree for the same reasons.

UNIX is what I like doing and I've been working with it for many years. Most of that time was spent feeding and watering boxes at Goldsmiths College. They're all grown up now though.

Now I dabble in all sorts of tech stuff, mainly programming, but I'm absolutely, positively not "in IT" - ok ? It has come close though. Goldsmiths Computer Services have now turned into Goldsmiths IT Services (or GITS fnarr), and at Citigroup I was part of Global Technology Infrastructure (TI)...almost IT. Despite my current employer having 'IT' as part of thier name, it's used as a sort of pun so that doesn't count.

It's easier to list likes and dislikes rather than awkwardly try to put them into a natural-sounding paragraph so thats what I did.

The other thing I got from Goldsmiths was married, to a luverly bat called Michele.

Working From Home

If, like me, you are a bit of a saddo with no life, you might be interested in reading my Bologs. Or for hardcore saddos what about the vegcam. As it merely consists of me at work (or not) it is probably the worlds most uninteresting thing. If you know of somthing less interesting then mail me.

These are my parents, Chris and Stella:

Chris   Stella


And this is my sister, Frances:


Here are a couple of pictures of my extended family. Firstly, great uncle alf (pronounced 'elf'):

Alf Gurning

You may know him better as the face of 'Mr Soft' in 'Making Music' magazine. I'm sure he'd appreciate his posthumous fame.
Next, the aptly named great auntie Gin:

Auntie Gin

Sadly I never got a change to meet either of them, but I like to think that their genes are still a significant part of my make-up. Theres not much more to say about myself really so I think I'll rant on about psychologists. Please refer to the Cynical Bastards Page for details.

Oh yes. I need a job in Philadelphia: C ,shell, Perl, Java, Systems Administration and programming (Solaris,SunOS,Linux,BSD),PCs, CGI, PHP, SQL (Oracle/MySQL/mSQL/Interbase), security, troubleshooting, hardware, networking (Ethernet/ATM/Routers/Firewalls/RADIUS/NAS), making the tea, whatever you want.

Also, capable but reluctant, Visual C, VisualBASIC, NT4/Win2k/XP/2003 "administration" and programming.

For more information about irrelevent people, see davide's page.(He's from Italy...)


The drunk old man in the pub has been relocted to the snug.