Martin's 30th Birthday

Many Thanks to Dave Harvey for the Pictures

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Jezz, Shiney and the setting sun.
Ian looking well happy - an alka-seltzer perhaps ? Me and Tenyen.
The Cake.
A masterpiece of design by Shiney. Its a computer running Windows - complete with that bastard paperclip. I look forward to biting his head off. The keys are Munchies, and my name is spelled out on the keyboard with the letters in th eright place. The space-bar is a flake and the windows logo is m&ms!
The Baby Peter
Michele, Peter and what looks like a huge bare arse on the left.
Champers. Reminds me of my oxbridge days.
Peter Brodie and Jezz.
Peter and Brodie
Dr Jenkins and Adrian arrive
Zap and Ian being amused by some disturbing pictures of me in earlier life and clothes stages of life.
Dave's present to me - first class t-shirt.
Peter and Naomi.
Dawn ensures that Craig, Fran, Adrian and Andy have all their pizza requirements fulfilled.
You alright for drinks there Fran ?
Ian. Drink it. Drink it. You know you want it. You love it. DRINK! . Just one sip and you're in my grasp. Mwhahahah!
Dave - come down - you're floating.
One day, this picture will be worth something. Its probably the only time you'll ever see Brodie eating.
Well the food went down well. Some poor sods got to clear all that up.
A charming American "chick" demonstrating how she got her well paid job to Brodie. I swear she's not a day over 60. Roland turns his back.
I can't eat another thing....but I cant let all that food go to waste.
Just as he collapses, Dave takes a photo of Brodie.
So long Jo - thanks for all the excellent Bollywood drinksmats.
Drink and be merry.
Ben keeps a look out for Brodie while Zap uses the seductive power of his Leather Jacket.

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