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A while ago I blogged about a Matsui 110MR mp3 player and the annoyance it caused me. Soon afterwards I followed it up with a description of how I fixed it together with an offer of help for others in a similar position. The response was considerable and so this page is an attempt to impart the little I've learned about fixing them. Things you need to know:

Quick fix

You just want to fix it and don't care about any of this other junk

Before we start, allow me to point out the obvious: I don't take any responsibility for damage you may do to your device should you choose to follow these instructions. You almost certainly don't know me; I could be a complete psycho. If you follow these instructions and make things worse then take it like a man.

First, if you have the receipt, take it back to which ever DSGi pit (eg Dixons, Currys, PC-World) you bought it from and complain that they sold you faulty goods. Don't stop arguing until the manager gives you a refund. By all means give them my contact details.

If it's too old and you still have the CD, try to install it. If it installs then you're probably in the clear. Run stupdaterapp.exe, plug in the device and let it work its magic.

If none of these things is possible, then you can try my firmware. I only have versions for the 110MR/120MR (1GB/2GB) models. I'm pretty convinced that it will fix any 110MR/120MR out there. As for the 512MB model I don't know, but I have been told, by someone who seems like a very nice man, that the 110 firmware will fix it - so have a go and let me know. Again, try at your own risk. If you have a working 105MR and feel like helping people then get in touch.

Thanks to Teemu Parkkunen for kindly pointing out a location for 105MR firmware:

Good luck. Let me know how you get on, but don't mail me if you want a response...

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