In Offices all over the world, there is a serious communications problem. Especially at lunch-time.
The problem is simple; how do you let your mates know What pub, Where and When.
Now, the answer is here...
WinPub lets you announce to all who care, which pub, and what time. Select the pub from the pulldown and press Send. Anyone else running WinPub will get a popup like the one below.
Instant piece of mind, and no need to worry about wasting valuable time arguing the toss.
Put winpub in your startup folder on your Windows (3.x / 95) machine.
Winpub is available here. If you don't have VBRUN300.DLL then download it and put it in your Windows\System folder.
Finally, you'll to install the server software on your nearest UNIX box. It takes almost no load and is very simple. You also dont need to be root, any user can install and run it. If you dont have any UNIX machines then you dont deserve to run anything this useful.
So far I've compiled and run it on FreeBSD and Linux with no problems. Other systems shouldnt have a problem, but if they do then diffs are welcome.

Installing Winpub

Dead easy.

Installing Server Software (winpubd)

gzip -dc winpubd.tar.gz | tar xvf - cd winpubd make ./winpubd