Michele,  age 29, Ph.D student in Social Policy  at University of North London, married to Martin.
I spend some time at Goldsmiths College, where I did my MA (also in Social Policy), and where I am now a part-time tutor in the Computer Services Department.


I'm in  London, England, UK and the weatheris crappy.   I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, and I spent a few years in New York at Barnard College, Columbia University.
Do you want to see some pictures of my new flat? Why?


I also hate people who spit in the street, autumn and winter, people who don't clean up after their dogs,  Connex, Daylight Savings Time, raisins,  people who cannot construct or recognize a logical argument, literary criticism,  pathological sports team loyalty, ventriloquists, water chestnuts, far-right wingers, people who claim that everything is 'racist', big dogs, Sundays, jean (denim) jackets,  the word 'gob', rain,  poor grammar, Spam (both types), bratty children,  lace curtains and other chintz,  car sickness, ‘alternative’ medicine, people who call their parents their ‘folks’, mushrooms (but the psychedelic kind are okay, of course...),  board games, creationists,  extraneous apostrophes in plurals,  camping, "haute couture", and religion, to name but a few things..


daffodils,  sunflowers, McVitties Go Ahead little cakes (chocolate), codeine, sunshine, salmon and  rainbow trout (to eat),  snails (to watch, not eat),  George Orwell, domestic spiders, skeptics,  Napster and Gnutella,  hair products (especially conditioner & de-frizz stuff),  Nabokov,  Erica Jong,  Abraham Lincoln,  wood floors, old Routemaster Buses (especially route 36 (London), with Route 19 coming in second), babies (under 6 months old, with fuzzy heads),  coriander (cilantro),  birds (parrots, crows, blackbirds, robins, sparrows etc.),  cats, sleep,  Photoshop,  bats,  rats, squirrels,  fountain pens,  spring and summer,  e-mail,  the Web,  Charles Bukowski,  old Dracula movies,   Irish whiskey, Camille Paglia,  Shults Bird Farm in Bucks County, PA (where you can hold parrots),  tea,  Deptford Market (London),  dancing,  ferrets,  and quotes,  among other things.



At the Hobgoblinn, New Cross. You can *often* find me there.