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One Time Passwords in your pocket

Download the latest release here: vejotp.jad, vejotp.jar


Based on and incorporating portions of JOTP by Harry Mantakos

VeJOTP is a Java midlet that generates RFC2289 (formerly S/Key) One Time Passwords. As it can run on very basic J2ME implementations, eg the types commonly found in mobile phones, it can be carried around in your pocket! It has been tested on Palm, various MIDP 1.0 emulators and a bunch of Nokia phones.

Thanks to a spectacularly simple yet brilliant hack from Sebastian Peter, English passwords are now available by default and you may select between them and Hex at run time.

About One Time Passwords

One time passwords are passwords that you only use once. Every time you login to a service, you use a different password. Even if someone is able to capture the password it will be useless to them. There are several advantages to using One Time Passwords:

  • Safely usable over insecure links
  • Safely usable from untrusted machines - keystroke capturers will be unable to reveal your password
  • Regular passphrase changes are enforced as a requirement of the system
  • Server only stores one-way encrypted secrets
  • Many Operating Systems are already OTP aware! This implementation is compatible with most S/Key based systems incuding OPIE, and OpenBSD skey(1)

Here is a page that describes how to use One Time Passwords with BSD


I don't care how you pronounce it, but for the record I say it "vej owe tee pee"


Version 0.9
Latest release. Supports English passwords, SHA1, MD5 and MD4!
Default saving behaviour has changed! Please see the README!
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Version 0.8
Previous release

Version 0.7
Previous release

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