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Bubble & Squeak (Cranks)

Vendor: Random Cafe
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Tuesday, December 30 2008 13:17

Containing: Bubble and squeak, farmhouse cheddar, cranberries, mulled wine chutney, lettuce, malted brown bread.

Review by Mispy:
I chose this because it looked like an interesting and festive reworking of my all-time favourite Cranks sandwich - the yummy 'Cheddar Gorge'. As in the original, the cheese is a wonderfully tangy, crumbly farmhouse variety and the bread is a nutty malted brown. Very nice. The bubble and squeak was visibly present, but taste-wise was barely discernible against the powerfully flavoured cheddar, balanced by sweetly spiced mulled wine chutney. The latter had unfortunately soaked into the crust in one corner, leaving a rather soggy, sickly offering. A shame, because the rest of it was pretty good.

  • Vegetarian
  • No Mayo

Price: £2.85

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Amount of Filling:-8/10

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