vi macros and guns

All the years I’ve been using vi as my main editor and I’ve only just discoverd the joy of macros. Doh! All these years I could have been building up a personal armoury of useful vi tools and instead I’ve been typing out the hard way. Honestly, what a wanker.

Talking of arms, the filth have announced a new gun amnesty in march. During this period you may give up any guns you own without risking legal action for posession. This normally results in many, many people handing Grandad’s Luger, or Uncle Nick’s MP5, over to the police. So I have to wonder why there is an end date to the amnesty ? If people want to give up their weapons, and they obviously do, why end the amnesty ? What happens if you try to submit your AK on the day after the amnesty ?
“Sorry sir, I’m afraid the amnesty’s over now – whilst we appreciate your public spiritedness we are legally obliged to bang you up. Tell you what, if I pretend I never saw you, perhaps you could dispose of it yourself. Dump it in the river maybe, or sell it to some children on the estate – and I’ll say no more about it”.

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