One skin, two skin, three skin…

Despite my recent decision to be less candid when dealing with other people’s names in this blog, when it comes to my own life, I’m planning to be more candid than ever.

So, after a nine month waiting time, due to the GP relying on Royal Mail to deliver the referrel to the local hospital, I finally got an appointment. OK, the woman who phoned Michele yesterday got the date wrong. OK, they phoned me again to reschedule it earlier than before…but at least I got an appointment.
If you’re squeamish then please look away now.
I have been diagnosed with a condition called “lichen sclerosis” (do a google) which involves my fiveskin becoming too tight to be useful. In Janurary the helpful people at the Guy’s Hopital clap clinic diagnosed this and told me that the only course of action was circumcision. Fine, I thought, and went to see my GP. He immediately recognised the problem and sent a referral to Lewisham Hospital. They never got it. Did I tell you about Royal Mail ?
To cut a long story short, I got an appointment today. He took one look at my nob and told me that I have Lichen Sclerosis and need my fiveskin removed…I FUCKING KNOW THAT!. I’ve known that for 9 months! Oh well, at least the surgery divison have the “reservation” now. I also need a week off work afterwards (well, every English non-Jewish bloke reading this will understand that). BTW – please can you spend a second or two admiring me for being ok about showing my nob to at least three professional people…
As next week is when I start my new working regime, I’m a tad concerned. My replacement, “Sue”, is going to be great but will need a while to get her head around our way of doing things. She will cope tho.
Today was one of the most hectic days ever. I had a million tedious “little” jobs to do, combined with doing some serious development work (getting IMSP address books working with Squirrelmail and various other annoying stuff – you don’t care!).

Humph has been more affectionate tonight than he has for weeks. He’s green, fluffy and we love him.


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